Why Is It Important To Visit Russia And Get Parental Blessing?

You are lucky if you’ve met the girl of your dreams, who shows herself as a faithful and devoted partner. And your decision is to take marry her and start a family. This is a big and important step in the life of any person and it should be taken seriously.
In the old days the girl could not marry without the consent of the parents. Today, most families do not have such strict restrictions. Nevertheless, it is considered a good tone and a sign of respect when a young man asks the hands of his bride from her father and mother. In order to conduct this ceremony correctly, it is desirable to know a few Russian customs and traditions that our ancestors adhered to. 
First of all you need to come to Russia and get acquainted with girl’s parents. Any mother of father won’t let their child to marry a stranger. It’s important for them to get acquainted with the man to make sure that he’s an appropriate partner for their daughter. Sometimes it’s needed to receive parental blessing so that your marriage does not meet opponents on their way. On the one hand, it may seem difficult, but it must be done. On the other hand, it is a good deposit for a smooth relationship with the wife's parents, who in any case will influence your marriage. Remember that you will live with your spouse for the rest of your life, which means that you must take seriously the issue of the offer of the hand and the heart, as well as the weddings.
On our dating site you can learn main tips on how to ask for a girl’s hand and heart.

1. Think it over.

Is the right time to get married? Are there any reasons against marriage? Think about the reaction of the girl's parents. If you do not know each other for long, and their opinion about you is negative, you can forget about the wedding.

2. Choose a place and time.

You will not be very comfortable during this conversation. So you need to choose the perfect time and place. But most often they talk about such topics either in the parents' house, or alone with the bride's father for some common cause. Think about whether you should ask yourself blessings or put a girl next to you.

3. Know what you are going to say.

This will help reduce nervousness. Talk to yourself, develop a conversation plan. After a short introductory speech, your offer will be more successful. Improvisation is good for girls, but is negatively perceived by mature people.

4. Look good.

Any parent wants their daughter to marry a slut. Take a shower, put on clean and ironed clothes. Even clean jeans and a shirt look great. Also, take care of breathing.

5. Be polite.

Most likely, when you agree on a meeting, they will understand what is at stake. They will already have a hint about what you are going to do. Therefore, be polite and straightforward. Do not be nervous, some fathers despise men who have problems with self-control. Therefore, keep yourself in hand.

6. Explain how much you love their daughter, and how she has changed your life.

Then take a deep breath and ask: "I would ask for your blessing to marry your daughter." They can be completely shocked. Tell them that you understand that this is a big step, and that you accept any of their answers. Perhaps it will take some time for parents to make a decision, so leave them alone. Usually they can give an answer immediately or within 3-5 days.

7. Do not forget to take into account all the norms of conduct adopted in the country and culture of your bride.

Perhaps the bride's parents are much more conservative than she is. Therefore, you need to be ready. Do not ask for blessing only girl’s father if parents live together and have equal rights. This applies to traditional Russian families. This can make a negative impression on her mother. If her family is traditional, then in that case, on the contrary, it is necessary to speak only with the father. Since the head of the family solves all important issues. And he will always have time to ask his wife's opinion. 

8. Be sure to make sure that the girl agrees to marry you.

If the parents give their blessing, and the girl refuses the role of the bride, it will, at least, look stupid. Girls do not always welcome such a situation. If the girl is self-confident and independent, it's best to propose a girl.
If you’ll keep in mind all these tips, be sure that girl’s parents will be glad to have such a son-in-law.