What do Russian and Ukrainian girls have in common?

There are so many beautiful women in the world, but for some reasons, travelers tend to come back to Eastern Europe again and again. No one is more feminine or family-oriented than Slavic girls.
It’s interesting but we judge the beauty queens exactly by those classical parameters Russian women have. They naturally have iconic shapes and facial features that other nationalities get artificially.
What made exactly these features and shapes iconic for westerners and Europeans? They are being depicted on paintings, famous actresses strive to look like that, this type of beauty drives men crazy.
We love curvy shapes of Latin girls, but we choose a more canonical pattern of appearance for beauty contests. We may love a bit flat and childish Asian appearance, but we choose taller and curvier ones.
Amazingly, Slav women are in the golden middle of those standards. They really seem to have a kind of golden ratio when it comes to the appearance. And that’s also why they are so desirable worldwide.
It is noticed that men divide into three categories. Ones with very aesthetic tastes, ones who trust the tastes dictated by the TV and fashion shows, and ones who doesn’t care much about the class of a girl.
Men from the first category can say, for example, that good-looking women do not suit them, do not excite them. Only gorgeous girls with the most stunning and refined appearance are a turn-on for them.
Such guys know everything about beauty contests and date only in those countries that win most often. They can certainly be called snobby in regard of female physical data and its high quality.
Men from the second category take it easy. They tend to say they care about a girl’s inner world more, but in fact, they always pick only good-looking and very beautiful women to date.
Guys from the third category may be handsome themselves, but their wives come as a surprise and do not seem to match at all. Most often, it happens due to men’s egocentrism or lower education.
We aren’t saying less beautiful women shouldn’t have male partners, there is definitely a big percent of men who can fall in love with a decent personality not the body, or love a woman with all her flaws.
But it’s a fact that a third category of men wouldn’t stress themselves over flying so far, across the world just to meet the most refined Eastern European girls. For them, life is good as it is.
The two thirds of single men on the planet is already a huge quantity, and all of them would be happy to date, hookup, or marry a Slavic woman. So what’s also so special about them?..

The difference between Russian and Ukrainian brides

It’s not a secret that nearly all post-Soviet nationalities still remain quite traditional and family-loving. Why in this case cannot they find reliable male partners? Mostly due to men’s bad habits.
Alcohol is very popular in all Eastern Europe and it costs just a few coins, at least the local drinks. Over-caring Slavic mothers and girlfriends, the availability of bad stuff make men very immature.
But for westerners, who are told every day the gender isn’t important anymore, a true femininity along with traditional values feel like returning to the paradise. And it can be found in Slavic countries.
More specifically, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus remain the most traditional countries with classically beautiful women. Ukraine is starting to leave this triad and reach the level of Moldova or Bulgaria.
It means, girls are already more open-minded and have a pro-European thinking, but a big part of them stick to Russian realities or are in fact Russian. So you can comfortly choose between Moscow and Kyiv.
If you’re a blondies admirer, Belarus and Russia must be your choice, since there are multiple ethnic groups exactly with the blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes. Experts call it the Nordic type.
In Ukraine, meanwhile, the majority of people are dark-haired. The symbol of the country is a brunette with dark eyes and intense eyebrows, wearing a poppy-seed flower crown. So they do prevail.
There is also a drastic difference in characters. It seemed smaller during the Soviet times, but now the gap in cultures grows so rapidly that it becomes hard to follow the process, dating experts claim.
If you want a humble wife who accepts a man with all his pros and cons and treats him as a leader, a monarch of the family no matter what he does, you’d better address Russian females.
They are soft, compromising, even it can be said they think of a man first. At the same time, Ukrainian women cook better, decorate a house with some more imagination, but they’re a bit stubborn.
Girls in Ukraine are proud by character, so their wisdom helps them to keep the balance between their own wants and a partner’s wishes. They may dominate in a bed too, in case a man enjoys that.

How to succeed in Ukrainian and Russian dating?

Only experienced daters know how to conquer a girl of this or that nationality, but it would be unfair to keep that precious knowledge hidden. Dating blogs reveal that info and make singles’ possibilities equal.
It is known that relationships with Ukrainian girls became much easier lately, thanks to joining the EU. People started to travel so much that they now one hundred percent welcome the foreigners.
They normally can fly to you or meet on the neutral territory if you cover the expenses, also they’re happy to travel locally which is very budget-saving for you. Their mind got very flexible.
Russian women are only on the way to opening their mind that much, a big part of them prefers to date locals. But experts suggest to try convincing exactly this category, instead of dating sugar babies.
The best way is to give them what other admirers can’t, and it’s not about the money. Some gallant attitude, romance, warm attention is all they need to start melting and giving up their positions.
Very modern girls in Russia who speak perfect English, have a high-value education, travel with the help of their parents or professions, may have stronger characters and be harder to conquer, but try it.
Once a Slavic woman sees a man is reliable and decent, she immediately shows the mutual feeling, as these gorgeous females are programmed to have a stable family. You can benefit from that.
One more thing, Russian and Ukrainian women perfectly know how big the competition is. They know westerners are literally lost among model-looking girls, so a man can be easily distracted.
But if you master the skill to let each girl feel unique and special to you, then you are guaranteed to be loved and appreciated by them quite quickly. Aren’t many victories better than one tough one?
So if you use this little trick and simply express your respect in every way, along with the desire, the list of your sweet female pretenders will be growing longer and longer. Date in Russia with pleasure!