Russian Dating: Meet The Splendid Women Of Khabarovsk

There are now many men who marry or live together with a foreign girl, especially from the Eastern countries: these women come to the West to work, study or simply to be with their "Western love". In this article, we talk about the mentality of Russian women, in particular, Siberia Khabarovsk women, and the countries of the former Soviet Union: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, etc. Women in these countries have many things in common. Read more on the subject from dating experts at
They have a fairly advanced mentality. They drive small and large cars with ease. They use iPhone, iPod and can manage all the settings. They are very active on the Internet, in forums, in social networks, on Twitter. They build a career as much as men. In other words, there is no doubt that they are in step with progress. At the same time, however, they bring into their minds many aspects learned from the great-grandmothers.
While in most parts of the world feminism is at a fairly advanced stage, Russian women represent an image of femininity, of glory, of beauty, they are not corrupted by new ideas; they are intelligent, sociable and value their family, giving birth to their children and loving their husbands. In short, external beauty goes hand in hand with the inner beauty.
Women in Russia have always been associated with love and care. This image has lasted for centuries, thanks to their ability to work on equal terms with men. During the wars that Russia has fought in its history, women took care of the family alone, while the husbands were killed on the war fields. Russia Khabarovsk women are known as the most hospitable in the world. If he's hosting you at his house, he feeds you as if you had not eaten for months.
Safety is important, as it is for all the women of the world (indeed, maybe a little more). Girls are afraid of loneliness, poverty, illness, the inability to take care of their parents.
They are very self-critical. She can say, "I do not feel beautiful today." In saying so, she is apologizing for not looking perfect. This behavior is not the cause of an inferiority complex, but it is due to the fact that at that moment she does not feel up to the situation and wants confirmation from her husband to be beautiful, loved and desired.
They are not used to asking. "If one wants to offer something to a woman, it must be done with the heart, and not on request." But at the same time, Russian women like gifts, like all women in the world; and if her husband never gives her anything, she considers him a bit of a fool. Warning: if you were to make any allusion, then it means that you are asking for something, but not directly.
Russian society is very sexist. For example, in a job ad you can read: "Looking for a secretary, female, about 25 years, pretty, not less than 175 cm tall. Women themselves rarely protest against machismo. They do not understand what the feminists are really looking for in their struggle for women's rights. In fact, in most cases, women are in charge at home.
In Russia, women are used to the gallantry of men. When a Russian man makes a kind gesture, or offers a girl a drink, he does not do it for a purpose, but simply for courtesy and chivalry. If the woman wants to pay to feel independent, the man is offended. In my train journeys across Europe, I always labor to drag heavy suitcases or put them in the trunk. In Russia this is not happening. A Russian man also helps unknown women. I witnessed some scenes at the airport in Rome, which could never have happened in Russia: a girl carries her baggage alone, while her fiancé, who has come to welcome her, walks beside her with her hands in her hands.
Men, on the occasion of a dinner, a lunch or a party, always make a toast in honor of women. Women do not show affection in public: kisses and caresses are reserved for private moments. But this is not due to a possible coldness of the Russian woman. In Russia, people simply do not like to see couples kissing in public places because it is considered rude.
When you meet Khabarovsk girls, you will be dazzled with their looks. The girls spend a lot of time tending to their physical appearance. They are often rigged and dressed in the latest fashion, even in unsuitable situations, for example for shopping. In trying to be attractive, they do not know the limits. Very often, beauty is the result of hard work. There is a reason that explains this behavior. Many Russian men drink too much, and the average life of Russian men is 59, while women live to be 72 years old in average.
The family is very important, women want to get married, have a husband and children. Therefore, even the most beautiful women decide to get engaged with unattractive or overbearing men who do not ever smile. To conquer the remaining normal men, women are willing to make any sacrifice. Still today, every Russian girl is convinced that to find a rich man, it is necessary to dress up with famous brands. For this reason, many girls are willing to live in confined spaces with other people, paying a low rent, to be able to have expensive clothes (in Moscow the prices of branded items are much higher than those of other European countries). Here you can see how Russian girls dress in winter. They spend a lot of money on makeup and have their nails done every week. To make a good impression in the countries of the former Soviet Union and get more consideration, it is important to have expensive clothes of big brands. For example, the control of a grader in a Moscow club is more severe than in the rest of the world. At the same time, Russian women are not obedient, they are "war machines". They would always like to go forward, reach new goals. They like to be in charge.