How To Wright The First Letter To The Russian Beauties?

The times when the guys sent letters to girls in paper envelopes went into oblivion. Now we have social networks and e-mails. But this at first glance is so simple, but in practice it is often happens that the girl does not respond to messages online, or responds monosyllably like "How are you doing" "Good" ... and no further communication. So, what to do and what to wright to interest Russian women?
The very first rule that many guys forget is that in addition to the message itself you should still have a cool profile. First you need to think carefully. Ask yourself questions: "Why do you want to date this girl?", "How would you treat her?", "Do you want to have a serious relationship with her?". If you know the answer for all these questions you can easily start writing a message.
Here we’ll give you some simple recommendations that you need to write to the girl in the first message and what this message should be, so that your chances of the girl responding to you will greatly increase. 

1. Simple understandable sentences without subtext.

A message like "I need to know your dislocations" will clearly be superfluous. Sometimes guys want to seem smarter than they really are. This is a mistake, because simplicity in communication is the key to success. Write in plain language, avoiding slang or specific words. But there is another extreme, you don’t have to write too politely, and even more so when addressing a girl to you. The simplest advice - write as you write to your just a good friend (removing the mate and slang words and expressions)

2. Literacy.

If every word has errors, it will play against you. Don’t use the incomprehensible abbreviations and the slang words. Of course, there is a type of girls who communicate like this, but they are no more than 15-18 years old. An adult girl will not appreciate this kind of communication.

3. Emoji.

Add some emoji in your message. It’s not necessary to use them in the very first sentence, by this you will show your either super interest (a bunch of roses and flowers) or uncertainty (a wink, an embarrassed smile - instead of men's words). Then, depending on how your communication will flow, use emoji to create a cheerful and positive mood, which will surely cause a smile and raise your spirits. To make it more clear to you - 1 smiley for a cheerful mood can be used to show that you are not a loaded abstruse type, but a cheerful and simple (but at the same time interesting and cute) guy. But it’s not necessary to use 5-10 emoji in the first message.

4. Interesting text.

You need to write a text that will interest the girl. In general, it’s advisable of the girl to write anything, but not the phrase "Hello, how are you?" in the first message. This phrase is sent by hundreds of guys, and it’s likely to cause only irritation.
Just like in ordinary life: there are 2 types of approach: quick and contextual (when you start a conversation with any excuse and looking for interesting clues in the questionnaire and photos of the girl).
The first option (it is possible, but we do not recommend it): "Hello Rita. I like you very much, but I still do not dare to get acquainted with you, because your beauty deprives me of speech. So I’ve decided to write you this letter, which will allow me to express my feelings for you." This approach will make the girl think. But it can only work with the already familiar girl, and only if she’s interested in you. Every girl needs an individual approach. Such a letter is suitable for a romantic lady who loves courageous men. Also, do not write this message to an unfamiliar girl in any case.
Therefore, it is better to start acquaintance on the Internet with the second option "Hi, you have great photos - you are so smiling and positive, and I like it so much! And you travel far more often (you walk) on a bicycle (on roller skates, camping, cinema, friends), etc." Another important point is that the first message to a girl on the Internet should not be short, it should encourage her also to respond with a full answer. The more details in the girl's reply message, the easier it is for you to continue further interesting conversation and correspondence with the Russian lady of your dreams.