How To Make Your Profile Attractive?

After the races on respected dating sites people meet, get acquainted and even get married every day, and this happens because of well-formed profiles. So, if you dream to find beautiful Russian wife at our dating service, you should create a profile at our website and make it attractive. Of course, there are special services that can help you create an ideal profile, but if you make some efforts, you can easily do it by yourself. All you need is a bit of fantasy and some creativity. Just follow our tips and you’ll be able to make an attractive profile.

1. Choose necessary picture.

Use the best personal photo taken in the last 4 months as the main photo for the profile. You shouldn’t put as a profile picture a group photo with your friends or relatives. Group pictures create the wrong first impression about you, as the potential partner can’t understand how you look like. Also, it’s not worth to join the crowd of "mysterious" personalities "without a photo" or with a "cute / cool avatar”. Any Russian woman won’t be interested in such profile, she’ll decide that you are a crook.

2. Avoid the following photo-clichés anywhere in your profile:

a). Selfie (and not only selfie) without a shirt: girls don’t like shots without shirts from strangers.
b). An attempt to portray the pressing "sexuality", as in the photographs of the stars: studies have shown that men who look at photographing directly to the camera, as a result, frighten women with their pictures. And it looks like the guys are trying too hard. When photographing, stay relaxed, don’t look directly to the camera, it’s better to look to the side. 
c). Too toothy smiles: there’s nothing wrong in "grin", but don’t bend the stick. You’ll have plenty of time to show her your sparkling smile when you meet. On the other hand, all the pictures you publish should be still with a smile: the women prove that it works.
d). A photo taken on a cheap phone or an old cheap camera. These devices make your face ugly: it hypertrophies all your wrinkles, black dots and circles, swelling and large pores. 

3. Write the profile in a normal language.

It’s not a secret that very often people use acronyms like LOL, OMB and MP in messages and other texts. But you should stay away from "Internet shorthand": it's a low-grade, poor language. If you are looking for a relationship that will mean something, you should show your level of education. We believe that you don’t want to date someone who talks like a cheerleader of a junior football team.

4. Do not write long profile information: it’s never necessary.

A short profile is a red flag. If you are not thoughtful enough to create a decent profile, people will begin to believe that you are unable even to support a simple conversation. But it’s believed that long profiles immediately determine you in the camp of pretentious demagogues. According to the  experience, a simple paragraph of 3-4 sentences for each category of the questionnaire is the most effective option. Remember that this is the Internet: all singled out in the texts only keywords and interesting first lines of paragraphs. As a result, the more you write, the faster their fingers click on the link to another profile.

5. Make sure that in the descriptions in your profile you’re extremely accurate.

To tell your potential partner that you "love to laugh" and "like to travel and listen to music" is like to do yourself harm instead of good. There doesn’t exist a person who never laugh. Music is listened to by everyone, just different. Be as accurate as possible in the transmitted information. And don’t forget that many of the phrases can be understood very ambiguously, so speak as clearly as possible. 

6. Be honest in describing your appearance.

Yes, this is ambiguous and too personal moment, but in fact honesty here is an axiom, which does not even need to be reminded. In addition to the fact that a lie in this direction will very quickly turn into an extremely unpleasant experience for you. Honesty will help you immediately profitably highlight your profile from the host of virtual Aphrodite and Apollo. Especially it concerns age, weight and type of a figure. Such a lie will ring so that you will go away very long. By the way, when you start to look at someone else's profiles, keep in mind that almost all throw off a few years or kilograms.