Where can I travel to meet Russian girls at ease?

Russian beauties are in the list of the sexiest females in the world, but how to reach them if you have never travelled to that part of the world? Travel dating experts have gathered some tips for singles.
Eastern European dating is considered rather inexpensive, yet Moscow is in the top of the costliest cities in the world. This fact shouldn’t scare you away, you only need some more knowledge.
Did you know, for example, that Moscow is surrounded by smaller towns, dozens of them? Hot girls who live there, are much more modest and prices are much lower. The towns can be reached by taxi.
There are also local trains coursing between Moscow and the provincial towns, it’s safe to use them. One can meet many model-looking Russian girls right in those trains, and have a talk with them.
All these towns are called with one common word, Podmoskovye. The most picturesque are: SergiyevPosad, Klin, Kolomna, Krasnogorsk, Dmitrov.The adventurous tourists often go there.
Smaller towns are typically recommended for beginners in Russian dating since they are less crowded yet civilized and charming. Single women there are rather traditional and worship their man.
But even Saint Petersburg is already more budget-saving and secure than huge cosmopolitan Moscow, so there are lots of options where to meet beautiful Slavic girls in billion-populated Russia.

The north of Russia

Many foreigners are avoiding super cold regions of Russia and sometimes even the country itself, due to the colder climate and lots of snow. While for others, it isn’t an obstacle.
Just look how popular Alaska girls became among central westerners. Meanwhile, the weather in Russia is getting milder each year, due to the Global warming. The snow becomes a rarity.
Yet, such northern cities as Vladivostok, Perm, Yekaterinburg, look very festive with the ice figures in winter and illuminated snowy boulevards. Beautiful girls there are very down-to-earth.
The listed places are honestly too boring for ambitious and educated girls who live there. Women gladly meet foreigners hoping to escape from this grey environment and shine bright elsewhere.
These cities cannot be called too provincial since there are huge hypermarkets, theatres, Universities with hot female students. Prices are much lower than in the capital, and there are things to see.
However, none dating experts would suggest to travel to Murmansk or Norilsk, the coldest and most snowy cities in the north of Russia. Plus, girls there are a bit short-minded and focused on locals only.

Resorts of Russia

Sochi is the most famous resort in Russia, that had been frequently visited even in the USSR times. Today, it’s a very modern center of tourism with plenty of nightclubs and fancy beaches.
The prices are of European level though, so take this into account when calculating your travel budget. If you want cheaper options, try Vardane, the picturesque and restful village next to Sochi.
Local citizens are trying to compete with glamorous urbanistic neighbors so they offer the best prices. The place is cozy, with amazing sceneries, beautiful girls, and it is situated right on the seacoast.
But today, all Crimea can be confidently added to the list of Russian resorts, since it’s less militarized than in 2014 and Ukraine is officially giving up about this territory. It becomes safe for tourists.
There are trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Simferopol, as well as the short-distance local train from Anapa. So it’s really easy to get to the kingdom of magnificent beaches and mountains.

Do Russian women agree to hookup?

Westerners will be glad to know that modern Russian girls are in a perfect mental condition for casual affairs. They aren’t too traditional like before, and aren’t too feminist like their western peers.
It’s still true that most of Russian females are hookuping in the hope of eventual marriage with this man. If you aren’t interested in serious relationships, consider other categories of girls who want fun.
For example, Russian businesswomen. They can be pretty young, especially if they got their big possibilities from fathers or other relatives. They are usually well-educated and speak good English.
Such women are independent enough to not seek lasting connections and choose no-strings-attached relationships. Exactly what many tourists want when visiting impressive Russia.
Although financially stable Russian women do not expect a man to sponsor them, they can be met in big cosmopolitan cities only, where places of interest are rather costly. Everything has pros and cons.
Girls students are another attractive group of Russian beauties who date just for fun. Although in this part of the world, girls get wise and mature very early, most of them aren’t ready to get married.
They like laughing, dancing, trying new things, travelling, so it’s very easy to get in touch with them on travel dating apps and plan great activities together. The age of such girls can start from 18 y.o.
Single mothers are the last recommended category of hookup seekers in Russia. For sure, they prefer serious relationship and need a life partner, but the stress revealing is vital to them too.
In general, Russia isn’t a very prosperous country, so very often, single moms in Russia are happy to receive any little help, any symbolical gift for their kid, just like Filipina mothers.
When a man shows such a generosity, they gladly get intimate and let themselves relax with the help of casual sex. Meet single mothers in Moscow or any other city and get satisfied to the fullest.

What to avoid while seducing Russian gals

Although there is a saying that all women are the same, it isn’t so. Pickup professionals and experienced travelers perfectly know that. Eastern European girls differ a lot from western and Asian ones.
In their turn, Russian women differ from other Slavic females, and there are special hints on how to attract them or make them our lovers. They like a particular kind of things and easily fall for them.
For example, any items that come from France. Since the Soviet times, Russian women used to think that France is the most romantic country, and everything that comes from there, is seductive.
It isn’t about the perfumes only, although perfumes are definitely the shortest way to any Russian girl’s heart. It’s about French champagne, accessories, chocolates, even French souvenir magnets.
In some magical way, these items drive Russian brides crazy, and make them much more hospitable. At the end, women in Russia are just romantically minded personalities who want attention.
Men who are afraid their Slavic girlfriends would only be after Green cards, should try alternative ways of togetherness, such as living a part time in cheap European countries.
If a girl knows that a little summer cabin in Bulgaria or Romania is the maximum she can count on, she won’t date you for wrong reasons, and her attitude towards you will be much more sincere.