Are single Russian women the most popular?

Some dating experts think, even if the whole humanity lost their interest in women, beautiful Russian girls would be dated, still. It’s just the most gorgeous and feminine category of females worldwide.
Exactly women in Russia have all those classical features and advantages we usually expect from beauties we date. Their genotype is mysteriously attractive for men of all nationalities.
No wonder so many Russian dating apps appeared in the market on the beginning of this century. Many apps are free, others require a symbolical payment, but most of them are very effective.
It’s because beautiful Russian females are all equally well-groomed and naturally sexy, they’re often sincerely interested in foreign men and intriguing hookups or even the relocation abroad.
Modern dating apps are equipped with various features and assets that were absent in classical dating sites years ago. Those are powerful tools for perfect matching online and Russian girls realize that.
Having a good taste and the trust towards qualitative dating platforms, women in Russia register there readily and show the utmost activity. They know the competition is big, so they’re in hurry to succeed.

Top Russian dating apps and their pros

Eastern European women are usually selective about the platforms they date on, and Russian beauties aren’t an exception. They want a dating app to provide all newest options, and quick results.
Moscow girls are noticed to be especially demanding towards the sites they use. The list of their favorites is carefully gathered by our authors and other experts, so you can see where to meet them for sure.

No. 3. RussianCupid

Of course, this famous developer never disappoints. RussianCupid still brings positive results to those who date with its help, and creates lots of success stories. You can easily meet a Russian girl there.
All profiles are verified and a certain censorship is present too. The only disadvantage is that an interface is classical and old-fashioned, modern users really want something fresher and more intriguing.

No. 2. Mamba

This free dating app doesn’t give up its positions. Mamba app remains on each single Russian girl’s smart phone. It contains the biggest database of Russian women ever existed, and unites singles.
However, one must be ready that Mamba application is a bit primitively designed and no one administrated the profiles for years, so many of them are inactive, some are fraudulent.
If to learn to surf among them confidently though, it is more than real to find a pretty and trustworthy woman in Moscow or any other city in Eastern Europe. The chances are very high.

No. 1. Brilic

Brilic app is one of the leaders in Asian dating too, not only in Russian dating. But it has its particular advantages exactly for Russian female audience, especially the dating blog in their language.
These intelligent and curious hotties love learning the new information and getting romantic in a smart way, so dating blogs are the best solution for them. Brilic has it, along with other bright pros.
The trendy and efficient app shows all features of the social network and elite dating platform. Although some options and the trial period is free, it gathers only successful male members able to pay.
Being sure that a man can afford a flight to Russia, or even the wedding ceremony if they fall in love, makes Russian women much more determined and active. They make the first step and chat actively.

What is it like to have a Russian online mate?

Chatting with real Russia women and communicating with them out of the site quite differs from virtual flirting with western girls. The mentalities are different, and so are approaches to conquer them.
If we become well-analyzing and self-critical at least for a moment, we will see that our style of communication is way too simplified. We do not put efforts to be polite or gallant anymore.
We think it’s old-fashioned and time-wasting, only our fathers or even grandfathers were doing that. But for Russian women, politeness, courtesy, and a profound exchange of emotions is essential.
Only rarely, when they are occupated with heavy and monotonous physical work, they lose this necessity to express their thoughts and feelings in the most refined way. Otherwise, this keen need remains.
So if you don’t mind to exercise a bit in writing long sentences, full of meaning and romance, do this. It will guarantee you a bigger number of beautiful Russian ladies falling for you and reacting.
The relationship with a Russia girl, starting from chats, is always many-sided and reassuring. You really feel like you got an inspiring and reliable partner, not just another name in your contact list.
These women ask about your day at work, your relatives’ well-being, your childhood memories, your current desires and wishes. It isn’t about shallow sentiments, it’s indeed their care about you.

How to meet a Russian girl for the first time

Romantic females expect romantic meetings. It becomes obvious already on the stage of online chatting. They ask a man about his famous love scenarios and secret desires he would like to fulfil.
They literally blossom if a man expresses his keen interest and passion, and they love discussing the first date like a very important, considerable event. It doesn’t work for them to have a short interview.
Some men are afraid Russia girls want fancy restaurants only and then ask the taxi money. This scheme was typical indeed in the end of 90s, maybe in early 2000s, but not today, and here is why.
The times have changed, Russia can be called a more progressive country than it was decades ago. There is a big number of cafeterias and pizzerias in Moscow and Kyiv, not just restaurants.
Luckily, today it is considered completely normal to have the first date in such a middle-priced place, without pretentious flowers and a business suit on. Modern girls like to get casual.
However, if you arrange the candlelight dinner in some classy place, your love victory will be almost guaranteed. As to the taxi, many women in Russia or nowadays drive their own cars.
Otherwise, the best solution is to use the same taxi together, for example if you go the half way in the same direction, or a girl does. In any case, don’t be suspicious without reason, and enjoy your togetherness.
Each man needs some kind of guarantee that he will be welcomed in Russia once he comes to visit. To make sure you aren’t chatting with a catfisher who disappears later, always insist on video chats.
They will allow to see a girl’s face in real much in advance, to hear her voice, to see her room or her working place. All that brings you closer emotionally and proves she is a real person.
A girl who videochatted with you many times, will most likely appear on the real meeting and show her commitment in all other ways too. Also you will be sure you like her voice and body language.
Stay focused no matter how much you like your Russian babe, and make it clear about all details of your first meeting. You should know where exactly and at what time you will meet, what she will wear.
Exchange several phone numbers not just one, and use all possible messengers or social networks. This way, you won’t miss each other and your first important impression won’t be spoiled.