5 Reasons To Live Together Before You Get Married

Sooner or later, every man has a desire to live together with wonderful woman. You need this particular woman and all the time. But why is it worth to live together? At first glance this is a rather simple question that does not need an answer. At least, that's what most young lovers think, who’ve decided to take a responsible step toward living together. The main problem in this issue is the possibility of practical implementation of this desire (the presence of an apartment, a house or any other living space). Unfortunately, no one thinks about how they will live and what difficulties they will face.  
At our dating service you have the opportunity to learn the main reasons to live happily together.

1. Feminism.

It may sound strange, but this is very important feature. Do not worry, true feminism has nothing common with hairy ladies who want to kill men with pitchforks. When a woman studies and works without the consent of her father or husband and herself signs credit documents for a pink Peugeot - this is feminism in the classical sense. A feminist family is when both men and women have a job, the budget is divided equally, and decisions are taken together. An important point: these three strategies are incompatible. Any attempt to combine incompatible things will ruin your personal life. Indeed, living together will help you to save something, but it only works if you are committed to a long-term relationship. In addition, this is another reason to check the partner for generosity.

2. Living together you’ll realize weather this is yours person or not.

You need to live together in order to understand if you are comfortable together in your own apartment facing daily routine. It's one thing when you see each other on weekends, walk in parks and sit in restaurants, and another - wake up and fall asleep with a person, see her every day. Any relationship needs development. If you date for a long time, get to know each other well, it's worth to take a decisive step and start living together. Now you need to live together in order to get to know each other in everyday life, to test your relationships and to allow relationships to develop on a completely new level.

3. Frequent quarrels.

It happens that people who are at a distance, have more reasons for quarrels and scandals. If you live together, almost all the time, spend together you do not worry, about your soul mate, you know what she’s doing at exact moment, who calls her and where she goes to drink coffee. If you are at a distance quarreling more often, you need to live together and this problem will disappear by itself.

4. Great beginnings.

Some kind of global plans people can build only when they are united by something other than love, for example, a common cup and a plate. In this case, they can already lead a conversation about the wedding, family, children, build houses, maintain a common budget, etc.

5. Adulthood.

No matter how old a person is, he will not grow to the end until he feels that he is responsible for another person and completely independent in his decisions. When you live together, you need to think not only about yourself, but also to take care of your soul mate in order your Russian wife is comfortable and well. When two people live together, they learn to make all decisions quickly and to coordinate everything, the participants understand each other not only with the help of words, but also with gestures. Only when you come together can you understand how much this person suits you and whether you are ready to live with her all your life. This is also a great protection and care when you are sick. In difficult moments, when you feel bad or you get sick, you need help, and there is no one better than a loved one near you. After all, this is another way to test a partner for the sincerity of feelings, love and bestowal.
Life together is a series of joys and mistakes, which always replace one another. In any case, both quarrels and misunderstandings are inevitable. But there is another side: when you are together - you are the whole one. And only after passing through all troubles and challenges, you will learn to trust each other, give, but not just receive.